Moonsnail slime and Spidersilk – Glimmerlands 1


I’m back! You can sort of tell I’m still a bit out of it from the holidays though. Tomorrow’s entry will be more eventful.

Arwyn had glamoured the room again, but it turned out she didn’t need to.

“If you’re going to go clothed, you need to make an impression. You’re going to anyway, so use it.”

“Why? Why can’t I just wear whatever I like?”

“Because you are the only daughter of this house, and we’ve been back only a few moons, and people still watch you and gossip. Now take that drab thing off.” Orren was getting impatient. He usually did when it came to dress.

“You’re so fussy,” Arwyn grumbled, pulling the long dress over her head. She ignored the urge to hide her body from him. He’d only lecture her again.

“And you are far too human!”

As usual, this was supposed to be the ultimate insult, and as usual, it didn’t affect Arwyn one bit.


Orren looked perfectly calm, but she knew that he was concentrating to maintain his glamour. She sighed and hugged him. He was tense.

“Please, please control yourself tonight,” he begged, putting his arms around her. “I won’t always be able to clean up your messes.”

She snorted. “That’s a vulgar way of putting it.”

“The mess may be political rather than physical, but it is no less a mess. And I’m always the one who has to deal with it.”

“Mother is preparing you to rule.”

“I rather wonder if she’s trying to get me killed,” he grumbled.

That reminded her of the book. Part of her was relieved that he’d managed to get rid of it, but part of her longed to have it back.

She pulled away to look at him. “What did you do with… you know?”

He tensed again. “I put it somewhere you won’t find it,” he snapped. “Nor anyone else. Now let’s get back to dressing you, since undressing you is out of the question.”

Arwyn scowled, but turned back to the wardrobe her mother had gifted her with. Like many things in the castle, it was larger outside than inside, and the back of it led to an emergency escape tunnel. She had given up wondering how, since it was against the outside wall of her tower. Not that there wasn’t an explaination, but Orren wouldn’t tell her yet, since it had to do with magic.

The wardrobe also contained all the dresses she could ever wish for.

“I want to be beautiful, stand out, impress,” she told it. There was a rummaging noise, and seven outfits appeared on the rail. Orren rifled through them.

“This one,” he turned, smiling, with what looked like an empty human skin.

“Eugh. What is that?”

He handed it to her. She was relieved to find that it felt like spidersilk. Looking at it closely, she could just make out thin, intricate patterns in the fabric. She could feel them better than see them.

“That’s moonsnail slime,” he told her. “Don’t look like that, it’s not dirty. It just looks like a second skin most of the time, but in the light of the full moon it glows. You’ll be clothed and naked, and definitely beautiful.” He looked satisfied.

“I don’t like it.”

He rolled his eyes. “Choose something else, then.” He gestured towards the wardrobe. “I’m not going to help you this time, no matter what Mother says. You need to learn to get yourself out of your own messes.”

And he left.

Arwyn blinked, surprised. Why had he been so determined to pick out her dress before if he was letting her do it now?

She turned back to look at the other dresses, and groaned. For once, her brother had picked the most modest of the lot.

She’d just have to work with what she had, then.

“I want a shimmering spidersilk veil,” she said. “And a length of thick blue ribbon, and three pegasus feathers…”



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