Brandon Sanderson offers free ebook


And I have read it and oh my gods it is amazing.

If the name rings a bell, Brandon Sanderson is the guy who took over the Wheel Of Time series after the very untimely demise of its original author, Robert Jordan, which almost makes me want to continue reading said series past vol. 6, point at which I gave up because it was getting a little too endless for my tastes.

Brandon Sanderson also wrote the Mistborn series, of which I’ve read the first book and have been hankering after the second for ages (unfortunately English books are not very widely available in my country) and also the Stormlight Archives, of which I’ve only read half of the first so far and am already enchanted. His is probably the most colourful, original fantasy writing I’ve seen in years. Excellent world-building, his systems of magic are truly ingenious, and the characters extremely realistic in their psychology. I very strongly recommend reading Warbreaker, which he has put online for free in order to give people an idea of what his writing is like. If you like fantasy, then I can pretty much guarantee you’ll become a fan.


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