Webcomics I read


I’m writing this on Monday night because tomorrow a technician is coming round to change our Internet and it might all go apocalyptic, in which case we won’t have the Internet for about a week, probably. So in case that happens, and because I haven’t managed to write any Glimmerlands chapters in advance (as you may have noticed I’m not even managing once a day at the moment), I’ve decided to share my favourite procrastination activities with you in my absence. đŸ™‚

I have two favourites, it’s a hard choice between Paranatural and Go Get A Roomie. Both are awesome, and the comments section of Paranatural is as funny as the comic sometimes.

Very close behind them are Girls With Slingshots and Namesake.

And then there are Least I Could Do, Ctrl+Alt+Del, Misfile and Questionable Content, which are really cool as well.

And completely off the scale because it’s both a fancomic and really original and done by a friend who is actually pretty popular and published and all, is Girls Next Door, which you can only view on DeviantArt. I fucking love that comic.


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