Writing tools: Character Name Database


I am a bad blogger and I am sorry.

I have no excuse, barring the surprise party I threw for my boyfriend last weekend, and the fact that past the age of 25 some people (me) tend to take days to get over their hangovers instead of hours. Also my hangovers are social as well as physical. I’m *that* much of an introvert.

I promise I will write today, but I can’t promise that I will finish the scene I want to write, because it is the second half of the Oonagh and Tamlin story, which is mighty long, and there are so many dishes to do and clothes to wash and we have another party this weekend and I need to buy bananas now so they’ll be ripe enough for me to make banana bread on Friday…

Bref. I thought I’d share with you some of the resources I use to write, and the first one is going to be a website called Language Is A Virus. This site has everything you really need to get inspired: essays, free ebooks, games, prompts, exercises, which are all fun to do or read even if you’re not looking to write a story.

The thing I use the most, however, is the Character Name Database or Dictionary, which isn’t very easily found – you need to look for the Character Name Generator (which is only one of several text generators, including a Character Name Generator specifically for steampunk characters) and it’s somewhere in there. Because it’s a little difficult to find, I’ll just put the link right here.

What I really like about this particular database (that makes it different from the baby name websites I used to use to find character names) is that you can search by meaning as well as gender, origin and letter. So if you’re looking for a Gaelic boy’s name meaning “Fire”, you can search for those three criteria, and you will get Edan, which means “full of fire”. The drawback is that if the meaning you’re looking for is a short word like “cat”, then you will get Namir, which means “swift cat”, but you will also get Enoch, which means “dedicated”. Still, I find it far better than any other name generator or database I’ve found so far.

If you have any character name generators or databases that you find particularly useful for writing, please let me know in the comments. 🙂


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