The Bystander Effect


Two women are woken up by the sound of a woman screaming and being physically abused by her boyfriend in the street. Instead of ringing the police, they go back to sleep and then bitch about it on facebook the next morning. I call them out on it. I get called an “ugly bitch” for “starting conflict”.

Said women are now blocked, panic attack is over. But it enrages me that people like this exist. It’s like the time my boyfriend, as a teenager, went to defend a guy getting beaten up on the train and got beaten up himself. There were people everywhere, and not a single one got up to help, or even pull the emergency stop lever. He called them out on it afterwards, and unsurprisingly, nobody would look him in the eye.

I hope you, who are reading this, are not one of these pathetic excuses for people.


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